Rosana Antolí
Rosana Antolí
Rosana Antolí
Rosana Antolí
Rosana Antolí
Rosana Antolí
Rosana Antolí
Rosana Antolí
Rosana Antolí
Rosana Antolí
Rosana Antolí



My artistic research is based on the concept of ‘escapism’ as a survival instinct in contemporary society. I also explore the relationship between drawing and new media as a bridge between my pictorial tradition and its contemporary use.

As backbone to all my work, I have established a relationship between the civilized and the savage, raising up our primitive values as standards. Current forms of civilization have made us forget and not have a clear reference of our origins. The evolution, as we understand it, is making us lose our essential values that connect us with our environment and therefore with ourselves. I’m looking for a dialogue between new narrative forms and ‘time’, such as video and performance. In my works, I’m using anthropological concepts and the approach to various fields such as dance permits me to understand and associate other disciplines to my artistic discourse, making it richer. That helps me to have a pluridisciplinar method, which I think is primary in our current artistic paradigm.

Rosana Antolí practice combines performance, moving image and drawing.

Antolí specialises predominantly in fictionalised narratives in relation to different materials, and currently she experiments with dance in her works. Her focus is on the intersection of art, choreography and everyday life. Through this she wants to reveal the hidden choreographic commands that structure the everyday, in order to resist the imposition of behaviours, acts and motions. The utopian character is central to her practice, and consequently the failure and absurdity of the actions involved.



Lives and works in London / Vive y trabaja en Londres. / Viu i treballa a Londres.

MA Performance. Dept. Sculpture. Royal College of Art of London. UK
PGCE. Postgraduate Certificate in Education. CAP. Valencia, Spain.
Licenciatura en BBAA / BFA. Polytechnical University of Valencia, Spain.

2015 - 2018
Selected Member of Royal Society of Sculptors. London, UK.
2015 - until now
International Advisory Board for the Institute of Social Choreography


- Konstväxlingar. Skanstull's subway station. And Action! Curated by Johanna Billing. Stockholm, Sweden.
- Faye G., Jo, and James Stone Gallery. Boston University. Crossroads: Choreographies. Curated by Raquel Peula and Fran Ramallo. Boston, U.S.A
- Pompidou Museum. Performance 'Dereville' inside the exhibition 'Utopia en la transformación'. Malaga, Spain.
- DA2 Artium Museum. Rosana Antolí. Visiones Contemporáneas: Últimas tendencias en el video y cine español. Curated by Playtime Audiovisuales. Salamanca, Spain.

- Artium Vitoria Museum. Grey Flag. Curated by Kike Martinez. Vitoria, Spain.
- Zabludowicz Collection. Whale Harmonies. Performance with band Tomaga. Curated by Antonia Blocker. London, UK.
- Fran Reus Gallery. Study for the perfect dance gesture - Performance. Curated by Tolo Cañelles. Palma, Spain
- Arebyte Gallery. /_/_/_/_ DERIVILLE. Performance Commission. London, UK.
- BBVA Fundation. BBVA Video Art Prize. Piri Reis: La continuación de un mito. Madrid, Spain.
- The RYDER. The One, The Teeth and The Circle. London, UK.
- Espai Tactel Gallery. Rock It. Valencia, Spain.

- Arebyte Gallery. Virtual Choreography. London, UK.
- Bürkliplatz Zürich, Parallel Event Manifesta 11. How to waste time with Rosana Antolí?. Curated by Nele Dechmann & Nicola Ruffo. Zurich, Switzerland.
- Fundació Joan Miró. Espai13.When lines are time . Curated by Marti Manen. Barcelona, Spain.

- Lagerhaus Gallery. Supported by Olivier von Schulthess Collection. Zurich, Switzerland.
- Lugar a Dudas Residence. Gasworks' International Fellowship.Cali, Colombia.
- Caryl Churchill Theatre, Royal Holloway. A matter of Logical Contradiction. Opera Choreography. Dance Economies Festival. Curated by Lise Uytterhoeven. London, UK.

- Delf Museum. Open Museum Night. Continuaction. Curated by Nina Vots. Delf, Netherlands.

- Box27. Casal Solleric. GAZE. Curator: Tolo Canelles. Palma, Spain.
- The Visual Collective Gallery. Let's dance like Zonkeys. Performance. London, UK.

- Instituto de Cultura Juan Gil Albert. Homo Ludens. Alicante, Spain.
- ArteSantander Art Fair. Solo Show with AranaPoveda Gallery. Santander, Spain.
- AranaPoveda Gallery. My Animal Dance. Madrid, Spain.

- AranaPoveda Gallery. Soy joven, me aburro. Madrid, Spain.

- AranaPoveda Gallery .The Beauty of the Game. Madrid, Spain.
- CEART Cultural Centre. Animalitat. Madrid, Spain.
- Kunstraum Gallery. Berlin, Germany.

- Modular Festival 07. Berlin, Germany.


- UV Studios. Perfuch 3D. Mostra di Arte Performática. Curated by Lolo & Lauti. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
- Centre del Carme. Artfulness. Curator Nerea Ubieto. Valencia, Spain
- CODE Art Fair. Represented by The Ryder Gallery. Copenhagen, Denmark
- Centre del Carme. Primers Moments. Curator Ricard Silvestre. Art Acquisitions part of the Collection of Generalitat Valenciana. Valencia, Spain
- Igrexa da Universidade de Santiago de Compostela. Con-secuencias. DKV Art Collection. Curated by Alicia Ventura and David Barro. Santiago de Compostela, Spain.
- House of Egorn Gallery. Sign Just Under The Skin. Curated by Angels Miralda and Catherine Parsonage. Berlin, Germany.

- Silvertown. Silver Sehnsucht. Curated by APB. London, UK.
- Sala de Arte Joven. En cantos nos diluimos. Curated by María Montero. Madrid, Spain.
- Estrella Damm Old Factory. LOOP Discover Art Prize. Barcelona, Spain.
- University of Haifa. Virtual Choreography. Curated by Lee Weinberg. Haifa, Israel.
- Caja Castellon Foundation. La creación contemporánea. DKV Collection. Castellon, Spain.
- ARCO Art Fair. Opening with Espai Tactel Gallery. Madrid, Spain.
- La Casa Encendida. Generaciones Art Prize. Curated by Ignacio Cabrero. Madrid, Spain.
- Projektraum LS43. Belief in the power of gesture. Curated by Àngels Miralds. Berlin, Germany.

- Sala Juana Frances. Casa de la Mujer. Empoderadas. Curated by Nerea Ubieto. Zaragoza, Spain.
- CCE|SV. El Barco de Teseo. Curated by Nerea Ubieto. San Salvador, El Salvador.
- Getxo Arte. Invited Artist. Performance. Curated by Eduardo Hurtado. Bilbao, Spain.
- ARTifariti 2016. After The Future. Tindouf, Sahara.
- Lazaro Galdiano Museum. Rehabitar el espacio.Curated by DKV Art Collection. Madrid, Spain.
- Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Wilfredo Lam. Organs sin Ensemble. Curated by Blanca Victoria López and Victor Wang. La Havana, Cuba.
- CCEMx. El Barco de Teseo. Curated by Nerea Ubieto. DF, Mexico.
- CCEN. El Barco de Teseo. Curated by Nerea Ubieto. Managua, Nicaragua.
- Royal British Society of Sculptors RBS Bursary Award. London, UK.
- Josée Bienvenu Gallery. My Father Avoids the Sirens’ Song. Curated by Berta Sichel. New York, USA.

- Rich Mix. L'Intru (Invaders) curated by Ana Mendes. London, UK.
- La Carolina Cultural Center. Saturation curated by SCAN. La Carolina, Spain.
- INTERNATIONAL EMERGING ARTIST AWARDS's 4th edition launch event. Dubai, EAU
- Herbert Read Gallery, UCA Canterbury, UK.Agency Without Intention. Curated by Emma Brasso. Canterbury, UK.
- ABC Museum. Dibujo Expandido. Colección DKV. Madrid, Spain
- The Ryder Projects. Performative Painting. Curated by SCAN. London, UK.
- Pieroggi Gallery. Beyond (Becoming). Performance works. Curated: Nigel Rolfe. New York
- The Fitzrovia Gallery. SATURATION - Figure / Ground Show . London, UK
- Royal College of Art. . Endless Dance. Performance. MFA Final Show. London, UK
- MUVIM Museum. Video Art Night.Curated by Under the Subway NY . Valencia, Spain
- Testbed 1. In the Moment of Doing. RCA Performance Works . London, UK
- Paula Alonso Gallery. Vidas Cruzadas. Festival de Video Creación. Madrid, Spain.
- TATE Modern. Off Print Festival. London, UK.
- Alserkal Avenue Dubai. Royal College of Art Flux. Video Performance. Dubai, EAU.
- Sala Amadis. El Barco de Teseo. Curated by Nerea Ubieto. Madrid, Spain.
- Espai Tactel Gallery. Incompletudes. Curated by Marisol Salanova. Valencia, Spain.
- MUA Museum. Tomas Ruiz Drawing Collection. Curated by Tomas Ruiz. Alicante, Spain.

- Fundación Cultural Providencia. Drawing by numbers. Curated by Andrea Pacheco. Santiago de Chile, Chile.
- DA2 Museum. Contemporary Drawing. DKV Art Collection. Curated by Alicia Ventura. Salamanca, Spain.
- Instituto Cervantes Munich. Papeles privados. Drawing Collection Tomas Ruiz and DKV. Munich, Germany.
- MUA Mueum. Desde dins. Alicante, Spain.
- CCEC . No ha Lugar. Noesasí + Rosana Antolí. Curated by Paula Loren & Romina Castiñeira. Cordoba, Argentina.
- Inbetween Becoming. Performance Exhibition. Curated by RCA. Testbed1. London, UK.
- Friktioner Performance Festival. Uppsala, Sweden.
- Kreuzberg Castle.Artisdock presents: Portraits.. Berlin, Germany.
- Poesia en el Rock Festival. Malaga, Spain.
- Royal College of Art. RCA Secret. London, UK.
- Mr. Mister Pink Gallery.Screens art'n'video. Frame Fatal. Valencia, Spain.
- Walden Affairs Gallery. MAR KABK exchange Performance RCA. Den Haague, Netherlands.
- Henry Moore Gallery. RCA. WIP Show. London, UK.

- Royal College of Art. What is drawing?. London, UK.
- Local Projects. Under Subway Video Art Night – Best of three years festival. New York, EEUU.
- ECC. Marca España. Berlin, Germany.
- Volta9 Art Fair. AranaPoveda Gallery. Basel, Switzerland.
- Buzzcut Performance Festival. Let's dance like Zonkeys. Glasgow, UK.
- DA2 Museum. From Madonna to Madonna. Curated by Paco Barragan. Salamanca, Spain.
- Plataforma de Arte Contemporaneo. Gabinete de Curiosidades. Madrid, Spain.
- Equation Moving Festival. London, UK.
- CDAN Museum. DKV Drawing Collection.Huesca, Spain.

- Lonja Museum.A contraluz. Curated by Juan Bautista Peiró. Alicante, Spain.
- Estampa Art Fair. With AranaPoveda Gallery. Curated by Gonzalo Cordero Ciria. Madrid, Spain.
- Desvelarte Festival. Cassette Set. Santander, Spain.
- Scope Basel Art Fair. With AranaPoveda Gallery. Basel, Switzerland.
- CA2M Museum. Contarlo todo sin saber como. Curated by Martí Manen. Madrid, Spain.
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- AranaPoveda Gallery. Lo que me pasa a mí. Madrid, Spain
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- Local Projects.Under the subway Video Art Night. New York, USA.
- Scope Basel Art Fair. With AranaPoveda Gallery. Basel, Switzerland.
- CEART. El Retrato: Paisaje de la memoria. Madrid, Spain.

- La Casa Encendida.Optica Videoart Festival. Madrid, Spain.
- Casona de Los Olivares. Primitiva Mujer. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

- CCAI Museum. Radiografias. Rosana Antolí & Abdul Vas. Curated by 2clavos. Gijon, Spain.
- La Noche en Blanco. Madrid, Spain.
- Brussels Art Fair. With AranaPoveda Gallery. Brussels, Belgium.

- Kunstraum Gallery. Halbes Jahre. Berlin, Germany.
- AranaPoveda Gallery. Menos es Más.Madrid, Spain.
- AranaPoveda Gallery. Mirame. Madrid, Spain.

- MUA Museum . EAC Prize Exhibition. Alicante, Spain.

- Ciudad de las artes y las Ciencias . Al son. Hemisferic. Valencia, Spain.


- LOOP Discover Art Prize. Nominee. Barcelona, Spain.

- arebyte Gallery Artist in Residency. London, UK.
- Generaciones 2017. Spain.

- International Emerging Artist Award's 4th edition Launch Event. Dubai, EAU.
- Olivier von Schulthess Grant Residency. Switzerland.
- The Royal Bristish Society of Sculptors. Bursary Award. UK.
- BBVA National Video Art Prize. Spain.
- Gasworks' International Fellowship. London, UK.
- Royal College of Art. Venice Biennale Trip Grant. London, UK.

- Shorlisted in the category Novel Comic Author. ExpoComic Prize.Spain
- ICA Institut Contemporary Art London. Student Forum. London, UK.
- Centro Cultura España en Cordoba. Residence and Exhibition. Argentina.
- Royal College of Art of London. Bursary. London, UK.
- Shortlisted for the International Emerging Artist Award 2014. Dubai, EAU.

- EAC XXIII. International Encounters in Contemporary Art. Museum of Alicante, Spain.
- Royal College of Art of London Bursary. London, UK.
- Buzzcut Glasgow Performance Festival. Glasgow,UK
- Equations Moving Festival. London, UK.

- Pilar Juncosa and Sotheby's Prize. Joan Miro Foundation Ateliers Grant. Palma de Mallorca, Spain.
- Guasch Coranty Foundation Awards Selected. Barcelona, Spain.

- Pilar Juncosa and Sotheby's Prize.Joan Miro Foundation Impersonations Grant. Palma de Mallorca, Spain.
- Cidade da Cultura. Art Residency. I Encontro de Artistas Novos. Curated by Rafael Doctor. Santiago Compostela, Spain.

- Optica International Videoart Festival.La Casa Encendida. Madrid, Spain.

- 1er Festival de Realizadoras Audiovisuales. Rosario, Argentina.

- CEART Espacios Expositivos. Madrid, Spain.

- EAC . MUA Museum. Spain.
- Leonardo Grant. B2 Magazine, Urban Culture. Berlin, Germany.

- Foundation Konrad-Adenauer. Zeiträume Grant (Culturia). Artistic Project. Berlin, Germany.
- I Biennial d’art nostre. Alicante, Spain.

- Amarillo Terra de Sanxenxo Art Residency. Pontevedra, Spain.


- Generalitat Valenciana Art Collection. Valencia, Spain.
- Artium Vitoria Museum. Vitoria, Spain
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- Collection DKV Foundation, Valencia. Spain
- CAM Foundation, Caja Ahorros Mediterraneo, Spain 
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