1982 Born in Madrid
Lives and works in Madrid and Berlin


2017  Visual Arts Education, Master. UCM. Madrid, Spain
2014  Kunst- und Kulturmanagement. W.B. Forum, Berlin, Germany
2007  Twente Universität. Enschede, The Netherlands
2006  University UCM. B.F.A Madrid, Spain

Solo Exhibitions 

2021    Arcyria. Adaptasi Cycle. Pylon Hub. Dresden, Germany
2021    Adaptasi Cycle. Centro Párraga. Murcia, Spain
2021    Heavven. Adaptasi Cycle. Exgirlfriend Gallery. Berlin, Germany
2021    Heavven. The Wrong Digital Art Biennale. Online 
2019    Concorde Club. Placement Produit. Paris, France 
2018    Mother Machine. Exgirlfriend Gallery. Berlin, Germany 
2018    Love Drone. Dimora Artica. Milan, Italy 
2018    Teen Wave. Frontviews Gallery. Berlin, Germany 
2017    Ergonomic Forms as Precarious Models of Adaptation. Addaya. Mallorca, Spain 
2017    Ergonomic Technology. Neo2, Hybrid. Madrid, Spain 
2016    Completely Familiar Entirely Artificial. Exgirlfriend Gallery. Berlin, Germany 
2016    Constancia. Palacio Fernandini. Art Lima, Peru 
2012    Daikiri. Fünf Galerie. Berlin, Germany 
2011     Popular guilt. Inés Barrenechea Gallery. Madrid, Spain 
2011     Souvenirs. Red light district. Amsterdam, The Netherlands 
2011     Porn Toilets. Freedonia. LOOP Barcelona, Spain 
2011     Wwwwww. Transmediale. Fünf Galerie. Berlin, Germany 
2011     Exposition agreement. M.L Gallery. Lugano, Switzerland 
2010    The Power. Fünf Galerie. Berlin, Germany 
2010    Call me bitch. Fünf Galerie. Berlin, Germany 
2010    Holders. La Zua Gallery. Madrid, Spain 
2009    La Carne. La Zua Gallery. Madrid, Spain 
2009    Secretos. Pepa Cervera Gallery. Valencia, Spain 
2009    La Noche En Blanco. Live A/V Installation. Madrid, Spain 
2008    Tula-Prints Gallery. Córdoba, Spain 
2007    Surface. Academy of visual arts and design. AKI, The Netherlands 

Group Exhibitions 

2021     Hyperwound. Art Cologne. Cologne, Germany
2021     Swab Art Fair. House of Chappaz gallery. Barcelona, Spain
2021     Heavven. La Nuit Blanche, Paris. The Wrong. Online. Paris, France
2021     Insomnia. Tick Tack Gallery. Pylon Hub. Antwerp, Belgium 
2021     Geological Fiels Trips into The Digital World. Harddiskmuseum. Online 
2020    Berlin Art Week. Frontviews. Berlin, Germany
2020    Cadaf. Digital Art Fair. Online
2020    The Wrong. Online
2020    Slumber. Frontviews. Berlin, Germany 
2020    Virtual Archipielago. Harddiskmuseum. Online 
2020    A-Live. Harddiskmuseum. Online 
2019    Suspension. Frontviews, Vienna, Austria 
2019    Epicenter. The Wrong Biennale. Centre del Carme. Valencia, Spain 
2019    The Bee Who Forgot The Honey. Loop Festival. Barcelona, Spain 
2019    Un/Natural Surrogates. The Wrong Biennale. Online 
2019    Human Factors. Berlin Art Week. Studio Anna Uddenberg. Berlin, Germany 
2019    Home. Arebyte Gallery. London, UK 
2019    Towards the Last Unicorn. 55SP. Sau Paulo, Brazil 
2019    Healing 2.0. Meetfactory Gallery. Prague, Czech Republic 
2018    Re: Bachelor Machines. HGB, Leipzig, Germany 
2018    Missing Links. With Frontviews. Daily Lazy, Athens, Greece 
2018    Youth Cloud. Insonora, IED. Madrid, Spain 
2018    Apel. The Wrong, Digital Art Biennale 
2018    Wasting Time. Objekte Unsere Tage. Berlin, Germany 
2017    Super. New. Wireless. Magical. Perfect. The Wrong, Digital Art Biennale 
2017    13th Biennial of Medial Arts. Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes. Santiago, Chile 
2017    Love and Other Forms of Pain. Beit kandinof, Aleph Projects Tel Aviv, Israel 
2017    Progress Helmets. Loop Barcelona, Spain 
2017    Drone State of Mind. Neo2, Hybrid. Madrid, Spain 
2017    Setup. Addaya Centre d'Art Contemporani. Bologna, Italy 
2016    Something that could be mistaken. Fall Apartment. Bergen, Norway 
2016    Loop BCN. Barcelona, Spain 
2016    OFFoff Festival. Gehnt, Belgium 
2016    Quemar las Naves. Addaya. Mallorca, Spain 
2016    Fonlad Festival. Coimbra, Portugal 
2016    They don't think in time. Kreuzberg Pavillon. Berlin, Germany 
2015    Alart. Festival. Mallorca, Spain 
2015    How we quit the forest. Incubarte. La Metro. Valencia, Spain 
2015    Loop Barcelona. Barcelona, Spain 
2015    Resist Restart. Vesselroom project. Berlin, Germany 
2014    Pflegeanweisungen. Galerie Wedding. Berlin, Germany 
2014    Light. Funkhaus Künstlerhaus Berlin, Germany 
2013    It is already tomorrow. Kreuzberg Pavillon. Berlin, Germany 
2011    Deconstructions. Thalia Theater. New York, United States 
2011    Sichtbarkeit. 129 Gallery. Berlin, Germany 
2011    Estampa. Madrid, Spain 
2011    Delicious. Loop Barcelona, Spain 
2011    Art Madrid, Spain 
2011    La Zúa Gallery. Cuenca, Spain 
2010    Hara Museum of contemporary art. Viva festival. Tokyo, Japan 
2010    Transonica. Sound Art Festival. Guanajuato, Mexico 
2010    Insonora. Visionica. Fonoteca Nacional. Mexico D.F, Mexico 
2010    Estampa. Madrid, Spain 
2010    Art Marbella. Marbella, Spain 
2010    Empty. Subsuelo Galerie. Berlin, Germany 
2010    Anatema. Bad Star Galerie. Berlin, Germany 
2010    Loop Festival. Barcelona, Spain 
2010    Open Studios. GlogauAir. Berlin, Germany 
2010    Technological singularity. Planet Art. Amsterdam, The Netherlands 
2010    Videoformes Festival. Berlin, Germany 
2010    PHE 10. Foto España. Madrid, Spain 
2010    Art Madrid. Fair of Contemporary Art. Madrid, Spain 
2009    Artists / Summer 09 Galería Pepa Cervera. Valencia, Spain 
2009    Artefatto - LuminEssenze. Mostra dell'arte. Trieste, Italy 
2009    Galería MisterPink. Valencia, Spain 
2009    Abstracta Cinema. Mostra Internazionale del cinema astratto. Roma, Italy 
2009    PHE 09. Foto España. Madrid, Spain 
2009    Simultan Festival. Video & Media arts Festival. Timisoara, Rumania 
2009    Puro Arte. International Contemporary Art Fair. Vigo, Spain 
2009    In-sonora. International encounter of Sound art and Interactive. Madrid, Spain 
2009    Viva Festival. Internacional Videoart Festival. Circulo de Bellas Artes. Tenerife, Spain 
2009    Viva. Espacio Digital. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain 
2009    United Creators Awards. Digital 
2009    Espacio Enter. International Art meeting and new media. Tenerife, Spain 
2009    I want to recognize your beauty is not a mask. Linz, Austria 
2009    Vad. International Festival of Video and Digital Arts. Girona, Spain 
2009    Estampa. Madrid, Spain 
2009    Standarte Gallery. REM. Madrid, Spain 
2008    The Yellow-Orange show. Si-El Space. Boston, United States 
2008    Orsara Festival. Perfect stranger. Orsara, Italy 
2008    Optica Festival. Madrid, Spain 
2008    Estampa. Madrid, Spain 
2008    Art Tech Media. International Congress. Córdoba, Spain 
2007    Optica Festival. Gijón, Spain 
2007    Wanderwort. CODA. Museum of modern art. Apeldoorn, The Netherlands 
2007    AKI Festival. Geodome. Enschede, The Netherlands 
2007    Balen Festival. Videoart &Videoinstalations. Enschede, The Netherlands 
2007    The Pluto Gallery. Enschede, The Netherlands 
2007    Fluid. Incontri cinematografici Italo-Svizzeri. Stressa, Italy 
2007    Wall of statements. Enschede, The Netherlands 
2007    Wall of statements. Bristol, England 
2007    Wall of statements. Istanbul, Turkey 
2007    Estampa. Madrid, Spain 
2006    Estampa. Estampa Gallery. Madrid, Spain 
2006    Moleskine. Graphic Works. Sevilla, Spain 
2006    Moleskine. Antonio Pérez Foundation. Cuenca, Spain 
2006    Monologue: Behabior space. AKI. Enschede, The Netherlands 
2006    Artez days. AKI. The Netherlands 
2006    Exchange. AKI. Enschede, The Netherlands 

Awards & Collections 

2020    Spectre Union Collection. Frontviews. Berlin, Germany
2020    Harddiskmuseum Collection. Digital 
2017     Chilean Video Corporation Collection. Santiago, Chile 
2017     Grant from the Ministry of Culture for Visual Arts 
2015     Addaya Centre d’Art Contemporani Collection. Mallorca, Spain 
2011     Das Weekend. Transmediale. Berlin, Germany 
2010     Photographica prize. Estampa. Madrid, Spain 
2009    United Creators Awards. Digital 
2008    Project Rooms. Puro arte. Vigo, Spain 
2006    UCM. Silkscreen Award. Madrid, Spain 


2020    Re_act. Isolation Residence Program. Azores Ilands. Online 
2017     Addaya. Mallorca, Spain 
2010    Glogauair. Berlin, Germany 
2006    AKI. Enschede, The Netherlands 


2021     New Spaces for Digital Art. Fundación Telefónica. Madrid, Spain 
2020    New Media and Communication in Art. Professor. Escuela Sur. Madrid, Spain 
2020    Comunication I. Master. Professor. Escuela Sur. Madrid, Spain 
2019    New Media and Communication in Art. Professor. Escuela Sur. Madrid, Spain 
2017    There is Nothing Like The Future. LetArt. Madrid, Spain 
2017    Deer Shit. The Soft Slave Wonder. Validadero. Bogota, Colombia 
2017    Ergonomic Technology. Medialab-Prado, Madrid, Spain 
2016    Proyector, Videoart Festival. Belmond Monasterio. Cusco, Peru 
2016    Politics Poetics. ICPNA Cusco, Peru 
2015    Teaching New Media Art and Creativity. Madrid, Spain 
2015    Resist Restart. Vesselroom project. Berlin, Germany 
2014    Structure of the idea. Forum. Berlin, Germany 
2012    Didactics of contemporary art in youth. BAMF Schule. Berlin, Germany 
2009   Experimenta club. La casa encendida. Madrid, Spain 
2009   Art scene in Madrid. Documentary. Globe Trekker, International 
2008   Process in media art. Apple store. London, England 


2021    Fluids. Roca Gallery. Madrid, Spain 
2016    El Poder de la Palabra. Art Lima. CCE Lima, Peru 
2016    Jury, Fonlad. Coimbra, Portugal 
2016    The Runners. Rachel Lamot. In-sonora, La Casa Encendida. Madrid, Spain 
2016    Proyector Festival. Coordinator. Madrid, Spain 
2014    Resist Restart. Berlin, Germany    
2014    C.C.U. Instituto Cervantes Berlin, Germany 
2014    Zeiten des Umbruchs. José Giribás. Instituto Cervantes Berlin, Germany 
2012    BCBDO. Rachel Lamot. Fünf Galerie. Berlin, Germany 
2011    Gharbzadegi. Marco Dorn. Fünf Galerie. Berlin, Germany 
2011    Lost. Clement Loisel. Fünf Galerie. Berlin, Germany    
2009  Optica. Festival programm. Madrid, Spain 
2008  Optica. Festival programm. Madrid, Spain 
2007   W.I.E. Pluto Gallery. Enschede, The Netherlands 
2007   Behaviour Space. Aki. Enschede, The Netherlands 


2020    Transdisciplinary Encounters between Postdigital Art and Cultural Education. 
2020    Perspectives from Science, Art and Mediation. University of Applied Science. Postdam. 
2018    Is This It? Book. Issue 4, Arebyte Gallery 
2017    Police. Hard disk. Published by Welthassle 
2014    Machines. Works 2011 / 2014. Pirineos editions 
2014    Subliminal. Videocompilation nº1. Pirineos editions 
2014    Very Slow Anthem. Pirineos editions 
2014    Construction / Destrucitons Machines #. Pirineos editions 
2014    Resist Restart. Self edited 


2019    Organs, Meditation and Soma. Eva Fábregas. Neo2 Magazine
2019    Anthropocene Museum. Nicolás Lamas. Neo2 Magazine 
2018    Two Drones. Katya Novitskova. Neo2 Magazine 
2018    Ok Zombie. Josep Maynou. Neo2 Magazine 
2017    Leisure Social Class. Débora Delmar. Neo2 Magazine 
2017    Panic Ceramic. Neo2 Magazine 
2017    He))o. Neo2 Magazine 
2017    Hard State. Pepo Salazar. Neo2 Magazine 
2017    De-Icer Sound. Neo2 Magazine 
2017    Fragile Forms. Vanessa Safavi. Neo2 Magazine 
2017    Plants in Venus. Nona Inescu. Neo2 Magazine 
2017    Very Promotora. Neo2 Magazine 
2017    Ether, Bodies and Dark Web. Neo2 Magazine 
2017    Wellness Astronaut. Neo2 Magazine 
2016    Modern Monster. Neo2 Magazine 
2016    Project Space Art Gym. Neo2 Magazine 
2015    The Savage Mountain. Neo2 Magazine 
2015    Digital Media Arts [DMA] programme. With Rachel Lamot 
2014    Circular trajectory. With Rachel Lamot 
2014    Lateral displacement. With Rachel Lamot 
2012    EX 21 25. Battering ram 
2011    Wwwwww. Transmediale. With Rachel Lamot 
2008   Untitled. Optica festival 
2007   Pixel Army. Optica festival