Luis Úrculo
Luis Úrculo
Luis Úrculo
Luis Úrculo
Luis Úrculo
Luis Úrculo
Luis Úrculo
Luis Úrculo
Luis Úrculo
Luis Úrculo
Luis Úrculo
Luis Úrculo
Luis Úrculo
Luis Úrculo
Luis Úrculo


Lives and works between Madrid and Mexico City

His practice takes anthropology, archeology and criminology as a main reference of phenomenology to create lines of investigation based on the idea of reconstruction of timelines, interpretations, uncertain materiality, imprecise descriptions, ambiguity and interpretations of reality.

Fiction, and representation of diverse domestic geographies have been language and scenarios to create diverse video works, using amateur choreographies with objects to represent his ideas as manifestos.

His last investigations are based on the idea of ‘karaoke’ , working with absence of lines of information to create new bodies of work where there always missing parts, images or explanations, to create a line of complicity with the viewer, who builds interpretations or reconstructions out of this pieces, as tourists, archeologist, or simple karaoke singers in a bar.

Urculo is also interested on a redefinition of the possible tools, procedures and formats within architecture. Mainly is an investigation focused on the representation and the narrative of the ‘invisible’ that defines the space. A work not so directly related with the gravity and weight, a value which has been a main unit to measure construction and its media impact on the last decades.



Lives and works between Madrid and Mexico City


2016 Las Cosas Arredondo \ Arozarena gallery. Mexico City, Mexico.
L´etat des choses Nosbaum Reading. Luxemburgo.
2015 Reconstructions Solo project NADA NY. New York, United States.
Cuatro líneas de texto Kukuruchos. Guadalajara, Mexico.
Table of Contents LYN Fabrikken. Aarhus, Denmark.
2014 Estados de Reposo Museo de Arte Contemporáneo. Santiago, Chile.
Waiting Room Arredondo \ Arozarena gallery. Mexico City, Mexico.
2013 Vol 5. Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya. Tokyo, Japan.
Let the things go down to go up to go down Lisbon Triennale. Lisbon,
Re. Centro Cultural de España. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Solo Project Zona MACO Pro Gallery. Mexico City, Mexico.
2012 This side down Gallery Dama Afita. Porto, Portugal.
Essay on Decay Eva Ruiz galería. Madrid, Spain.
Jet Lag The Popular Workshop. San Francisco, United States.
2011 The thrill is gone Polígono Gallery. Malaga, Spain.
Blackout La Permanente gallery. Madrid, Spain.
2009 Viagra, Cialis, Rolex Watch Fabrica Features. Lisbon, Portugal.
Residual Carpets Casa Encendida. Madrid, Spain.
False Memories Galería Espacio Valverde. Madrid, Spain.
0 Galería Dama Afita. Porto, Portugal.


2016 The end of the world, curated by Fabio Cavallucci, Centro Pecci. Prato.
2015 Reconstructions: Recent photographs and video from the MET collection
Metropolitan Museum of Art. New York, United States.
Rumorosa: Sinuosidad visual y auditiva en el paisaje Arredondo \ Arozarena
gallery. Mexico City, Mexico.
Chatter: Architecture talks back Art Institute. Chicago, United States.
“La Posibilidad” An Absolut Art Bar Project ARCO Fair. Madrid, Spain.
2014 Unseen Daily Life. Tokyo (curated by Daisuke Harada) Tokyo Wonder Site
Hongo. Tokyo, Japan.
Paraisos de la memoria Cine Bogart Centro Centro. Madrid, Spain.
2013 Open Studio Matadero El Ranchito. Madrid, Spain.
ArteBA Galeria espacio noMINIMO. Guayaquil, Ecuador.
Editoria (curated by Isabel Abreu) Palacio Vila Flor. Guimaraes, Portugal.
No Shame (curated by Eva Franch) Storefront Gallery for Art & Architecture.
New York, United States.
ArtPad 2013 The Popular Workshop Gallery. San Francisco, United States.
Declaración de Ruina Fundación Cerezales Antonio y Cinia. León, Spain.
Duplex (curated by Daniel Silvo) DÚPLEX. Madrid, Spain.
JustMad 4 Eva Ruiz galería. Madrid, Spain.
DNA 33 Galería Louis 21. Palma de Mallorca, Spain.
2012 Múltiplos de cinco Centro Cultural Estación Mapocho. Santiago, Chile.
Múltiplos de cinco Parque Cultural Valparaíso. Valparaíso, Chile.
Ensayo sobre la ruina El Ranchito Summer ofce Matadero. Madrid, Spain.
CAMOUFLAGE (curated by Domaine de Boisbuchet) Vitra Design Museum.
Weil am Rhein, Germany.
The Popular Workshop ArtPad Room 54. San Francisco, United States.
Covers Loop Fair. Barcelona Spain.
JustMad 3 Eva Ruiz galería. Madrid, Spain.
2011 Arte es Acción IV International Exhibition of Architecture & Performance
Tabacalera. Madrid, Spain.
Aventuras de Líneas Eva Ruiz galería, Madrid
YAP Architecture Visions. MAXXI. Rome. Italy.
A city called Spain. Moscow. Russia. Casa de los Artistas.
Mobile Museum (Fabrica) Milan. Italy. Salon Internacional del Mueble
Efímeras. Alternativas habitables. Arquerías Nuevos Ministerios. Madrid.
JAE. Chicago. USA. Instituto Cervantes.
JustMad 2. Espacio Valverde. Madrid.
2010 Colectiva. Porto. Portugal. Galería Dama Af ita
X Bienal Española de Arquitectura. Quito. Ecuador.
CutLog ArtFair. FIAC. Paris. Galería EspacioValverde
Cartográfca. Matadero. Madrid.
X Bienal Española de Arquitectura. Medellín. Colombia.
Libro. Madrid. Galeria Mad is Mad.
Intervenciones en el espacio público. Madrid. Galería Mediodia Chica.
Basel Art Fair 2010. EspacioValverde galley. Basel
Una ciudad llamada España. Atenas. National Glyptoteque.
Transculturelles des Abattoirs. Casablanca.
Jae. Brussels.
Dandy. Galería Dama Af ita. Porto.
2009 X Bienal Española de Arquitectura. Madrid
Matadero. Archivo de Creadores. Madrid
Refresh. UEM. Madrid.
Killyouridols. Espacio MediodíaChica. Madrid.
JAE. Columbia University, New York. USA.
De lo Construido a la arquitectura sin papel. Sala Exposición Arquerías
Nuevos Ministerios. Madrid
2008 XI Bienal de Venecia. Pabellón de España. Venecia. ‘De lo Construido a la
arquitectura sin papel’.
JAE. Ministerio de Vivienda. Sala Exposición Arquerías Nuevos Ministerios.
Curtas. Poster Review. Curtas Vila do Conde. Portugal.
2007 V Bienal Iberoamericana de Montevideo. Sala de Intendencia Municipal de
Montevideo. Uruguay.


2013 El Ranchito. Artist Residency. Matadero Art Center. Nov/Dec Madrid
Tokyo Wonder Site. Artist in Residence. Oct/Nov. Tokyo. Japan
2012 El Ranchito. Residencia Artistica. Matadero. Madrid.
Macdowell Colony Fellowship. Artist Residency. Marc/April. USA
2010 Archivo de Creadores de Madrid, Area de las Artes del Ayuntamiento
de Madrid. Matadero Madrid. Curated by Ivan López Munuera
Grant at Illinois Institute of Technology. Chicago. USA


CAC. Málaga Contemporary Art Museum.
Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY.