Metric Imperial

25/05/2018 06/07/2018

Manu Arregui (Santander, 1970), Zigor Bayarazarra (Bilbao, 1976), Fito Conesa (Cartagena, 1980), Juan Hidalgo (Gran Canaria, 1927- 2018), Miguel Ángel Gaüeca (Bilbao, 1967) y Diego del Pozo Barriuso (Valladolid, 1974)

“I’ve always lived trying to unravel the codes. At the beginning to be able to integrate and be part of, currently to discover, contradictory and contradictory, that I have always been there in an inadequate and uncomfortable way, but in that flow of measures and behaviors.
So I may not measure what I have been told or that my foot changed when crossing according to what borders (41, 8, 7, 26 …) ”
“The measurement and the weight are notions that arise linked to a mercantile exchange economy. We can think that they have crossed that field by joining our daily lives without realizing that it has been the other way around, that we are part of that system of exchanges.
Hence the need to undergo a “quality control” that allows us to integrate into the production chains and place ourselves in the market niches. ”
“At present we find the supremacy and coexistence of the units of measurement, the metric system, fruit of illustration and established by Napoleon in 1799, together with the Imperial system, which is how the Anglo-Saxon system of measurements is known. Coexistence already poses a political confrontation and evidence that the naturalization we use when measuring is the result of a relatively recent tradition. And more if we think that the Metro Treaty, which seeks to establish an international unity, is not signed until May 20, 1875. (…)
The anthropometry of the Imperial system is as problematic as the abstraction of the length of the meridians that governs the metric. Since this mode of measurement is quickly regulated, we find examples in ancient Egypt or Greco-Roman tablets, and evidence the differences of our bodies against this ideal or vitruvian pattern ”
“In this way the works are articulated as a system that demonstrates the arbitrariness of the modes of knowledge we have received. And still we continue calculating, evaluating and weighing, subjecting our own bodies to that discipline, when we know that it will never be the appropriate measure. ”

Eduardo García Nieto. Commissioner and educator

The exhibition “Imperial Metric” is carried out in collaboration with the galleries ADORA CALVO (Salamanca) and ESPACIO MÍNIMO (Madrid).


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