Métrico Imperial

25/05/2018 05/07/2018

Manu Arregui (Santander, 1970)
Zigor Bayarazarra (Bilbao, 1976)
Fito Conesa (Cartagena, 1980)
Juan Hidalgo (Gran Canaria, 1927- 2018)
Miguel Ángel Gaüeca (Bilbao, 1967)
Diego del Pozo Barriuso (Valladolid, 1974)

Curated by Eduardo García Nieto (Miranda de Ebro, 1974)

I have always lived trying to take apart codes. At first, in order to integrate myself and be a part of, and now to discover, opposing and contradictory, that I’ve always been there, in an inadequate and uncomfortable way, but in this flux of measures and behaviours.

So I might not measure what I have been told I do or that my foot may change according the frontiers I cross (41, 8, 7, 26…) and, in this way, feel that the solidness of my body is nothing but a variable.

I am writing thinking of measurements, while my eyes go over a surface that I am supposed to identify with 13 inches, without knowing what it is that this dimension means.

Control lurks in the unknown. Despite, this case, us not needing to do anything more than a ‘translation’, I know that in this displacement there will be something of deceit, an error so miniscule that the object won’t be its outline or measure, but one more error, an unsatisfied desire seeking out the adequate quadrant for its size.

Eduardo García Nieto. Curator and educator



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