Joan Morey

06/09/2013 31/10/2013

ESPAI TACTEL presents a solo show of Joan Morey (Mallorca, 1972) entitled ESPOLONES [Éperons / Spurs / Esperons]. The artist usually uses the performance as the main tool in the development of his work, but he extends many of their projects from formats such as sound, documentation image (still or moving), graphic editions or remains scenic.

Joan Morey borrowed the heading of Jacques Derrida’s lecture “Espolones. Los estilos de Nietzsche“ (1972) as the title of the exhibition. Previously the text of this conference was the starting point for the script of a performance artist (GRITOS & SUSURROS, Conversaciones con los Radicales, 2009) whose sound recording is the epicenter of the sample. This time the audio part (which pervades all space) serves as a score from which emerge the other works.

ESPOLONES [Éperons/ Spurs / Esperons] includes a series of works in which Joan Morey uses words or texts from ideological to reduce meaning to diagrams. This displays pieces in various formats and media (ranging from the installation, as a map of objects that somehow illustrate the text-to photography or drawing-through situations presented word made from written). Broadly, speaking is a proposal that is premised on the use of the “word” as support and the “voice” as a means to emphasize the underlying leitmotif in most of his works: the dialectic of master and slave in a approach and analysis of power devices in order to relocate them on a level of artistic performance.



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