With Glass Cabinet we intend to provide edited and self-published projects of some of the gallery artists or people (be they artists, musicians or illustrators) of our interest.

From the catalog of Paco and Manolo & Sito Mujica “Memento Mori”, co-edited with Addaya gallery Alaro (Mallorca), the illustrated book “Manos de Topo” of Chuso Ordi, the artist book “Misa Negra” and the sound piece “Ànima Negra” on CD of Joan Morey, the kits “Anda” y “Tapa” de La Más Bella, to the book “10 años de Primavera Sound” or  the queer journal “Kink” from the aforementioned Paco and Manolo.

All this and more has a place in Glass Cabinet.

  • Ànima Negra
    Joan Morey
    Piezas sonoras en formato CD, edición de 150 ejemplares
    Sound artwork on CD, 150 copies edition

  • The Secret Diary Of
    Michel Roy
    Limited edition
    Edición limitada

  • Pepsi Love EP para The Congosound Feat. Ryan Paris
    by Carles Congost & Vicent Fibla
    Vox: Ryan Paris
    Design: Vasava
    WM!01 We Move! 2012

  • Suite for Ordinary Machinery
    Fito Conesa
    Partitura elaborada mediante la transcripción de un acontecimiento cotidiano. La composición fue escrita a partir de la traducción –a lenguaje musical– del tránsito de un ascensor durante noventa minutos.
    Musical score written through the transcription of a daily occurrence. The composition was written from the translation –to musical language– of an elevator's movement for ninety minutes.

  • Unstate Mag #1
    Magazine de cultura audiovisual contemporánea
    Contemporary audiovisual culture magazine

  • Paraíso #1,#2 y #3
    Magazine de moda y arte
    Fashion and Art Magazine
    Limited edition of 1000 copies
    Edición limitada de 1000 copias

  • Agapornis #1
    Magazine de cultura contemporánea y animales
    Contemporary culture and animals magazine


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